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Pinch Like You Mean It!: 101 Ways to Spend Less Money Now

Pinch Like You Mean It! is all about ways to spend less money. Why give so much of your hard-earned money away by spending it? Get 101 free tips on how to spend less right now.

Topics include duct tape and other cheap repairs, how to get furniture for almost free, what steps to take in a financial emergency, and many tips on practical ways to spend less money every day. When can you save money by applying for a credit card? Check out tip number 82. What frugal tip did Lizzy Borden's father teach Lizzy the night before the infamous ax incident? Read tip number 72 and find out....

Work Smarter Not Harder: 18 Productivity Tips That Boost Your Work Day Performance

How to Improve Your Work Productivity and Get Things Done!

Would you like to know how to get more done when you work remotely, work in a cubicle, or work at home for your own business? Are you letting distractions rule your day? Are you finding it impossible to focus on important projects?

Work Smarter Not Harder is your personal guide for helping you on your journey to increased productivity and better work habits.

DOWNLOAD the book and learn 18 actionable ways to get more done, the smart way.

This book helps you achieve more at work, with tips like:

The basic blocks of productivity and why they should be prioritized first, before making any changes to your work day

Questions to ask before your next meeting (tip #7)

A strategy to help keep your inbox clean (tip #9)

Why breaks are not necessarily a waste of time (tip #11)

Two types of checklists and when to use which (tip #13)

Would you like to learn more?

Download this book and learn learn about 18 productivity habits that make you more effective at work.

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Managing and managing people

This 8-hour free course introduced the world of management and looked at a range of topics, including what managers do and the skills they require.

Making decisions

This 4-hour free course explored some of the processes involved in decision making, and frameworks for understanding how decisions are made.

Developing your skills as an HR professional

This 9-hour free course explored the skills needed to be effective as an HR professional, including self-management skills and working in teams.

Understanding and managing risk

This 20-hour free course provided an overview of the risk management process, and examined reputational risk and operational risk.

Stress Management: How To Cope With Stress In Different Areas Of Your Life (stress management, stress relief, stress free, stress, stress at work, stress at home)

Powerful Stress Management - Learn How To Eliminate Stress and Manage Your Time Effectively

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You're about to discover how to finally overcome stress.

At some point in our lives, we are all victims of stress. Stress does not only affect us on an individual level, but it also impacts on our relations with family, friends, and our colleges at the work place. It also affects different facets of society like socialization, and even the economy, with regards to how stress impacts productivity.

We often complain of feeling stressed, yet we really don't know how to deal with it. Most people resolve to seek expert counseling and even medical solutions to that effect. What we don't know is that stress can actually be managed through simple yet effective strategies, which are covered in this book. The stress management techniques will prove to be valuable in enabling you to control your stress levels and make the most out of your life.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

Learn about stress, what causes it, and how it impacts your life.Learn practical ways of generally managing stress.Tips for dealing with stress at the work place.Ways of dealing with stress at the family level.How to cope with stress in relationships.Learn about time management techniques.Understand how stress management will improve your life.Much, much more!

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Tags: Stress, managing stress, stress at home, stress at work, time management, productivity, stress management, stress relief, stress free.

Marketing in the 21st century

This 6-hour free course introduced a managerial perspective on how to deliver more effective marketing in an organisation.

What is strategy?

This 5-hour free course focused on practitioner views of strategy and application of its major theoretical advances in professional life.

The Ultimate Guide to Project Management: Learn everything you need to successfully manage projects and get them done (Zapier App Guides Book 6)

It started as an idea, that next amazing thing your team is going to do. Perhaps you'll build the next big thing, add a feature your users have been waiting for, or write that book you've been thinking about for years. Perhaps you'll put a man on Mars, or land a rocket on a boat, or reinvent the car.

Perhaps. But first, you'll need a plan.

Plans map your path, list what it takes to get there, and what needs done first. They're the essential ingredient to making sure your rocket has enough fuel, that you have a team ready to launch it, and that you actually build the rocket in the first place. They're what make project management *work*.

There's no set way to make a plan, nothing you must do to get from zero to hero. But there are a handful of popular project management strategies, dozens of project management apps, and an entire ecosystem of tools to gather feedback and set deadlines and track time and *manage* those projects. You're ready to launch that rocket, but first, it's back to the basics.

It's time for Project Management 101.

In this book, you'll learn everything you need to know about project management. You'll find detailed overviews of the most popular project management strategies, advice from teams around the world on how they manage projects, and roundups of the best tools to help your projects flow smoothly. It's everything you need to plan that rocket launch--and make sure it lands in the right place.

Who Is This Guide For?

Projects come in all shapes and sizes. Your team's next big invention? That's a project. Remodeling your kitchen? Ditto.

This book starts out with the basics of project management--it gets you up to speed on what lean, gantt, scrum and other project management terms are all about. It's perfect for the first time project manager, or anyone who feels overwhelmed by projects.

Then, there's app roundups of the best project management tools, along with the app stacks teams use to handle everything else in their projects. Those come alongside expert advice on running projects, choosing software, and using project management apps for personal tasks. They're perfect for anyone managing projects--whether you're looking for better tools and tricks to keep projects on schedule, or are just starting out.

Preparing a project

This 8-hour free course provided an overview of the features of a project and the issues that arise in managing a project.

Managing relationships

This 4-hour free course focused on the fundraising role and on understanding the organisational relationships that surround it.

The Salesman’s Guide to Dating: A Sales Book About Making Connections... With an Unexpected Twist!

Why is sales so hard? It's just talking to people, so what's the big deal?

For most people, sales and dating are both hard - and for the same basic reason.

Talking to someone when we are hoping for a specific outcome is much more than "just talking". Our desire for a specific outcome makes a huge difference in how we think about it, feel about it, and perform during the communication.

So what can we do to be more effective when we want to have a conversation that leads to a certain outcome?

There is no trick, but there is a winning methodology

There are no guarantees or sure-fire tricks to ensure that any specific conversation will end the way you want it to, but if you want to improve your chances that over the course of many conversations you will increase your odds of getting the results you want - then having a system helps - a lot.

But what does dating have to do with sales?

Sales and dating are both about making connections and building on them. There are - of course - many differences, but also some similarities that can be learned from - in both directions.

Blending together ideas about dating in the context of selling, and selling in the context of dating, The Salesman's Guide to Dating is a short, fun blend of these two connection-building activities.

In other words, this little book will show you how to start your connection-making and connection-building efforts the right way, and to follow that right way through to the end - whatever your desired end result might be.

What exactly will I learn from the book?

How to find the best places to look for the right potential connections

How to reach out to those connections in a way that starts you out on the "right foot"

How to make sure early on that both of you feel that it's worth the time to get to know each other

How to learn what the other person is looking for, and to establish yourself as the person to get that from

How to make suggestions for moving forward together that are more likely to succeed

How to respond to questions, concerns and other forms of reluctance

How to set up success - however you define it - by following the right path to get there from the start

By the end of the book, you will see how - in certain ways - sales and dating have a lot in common. More importantly, you will be able to see a path to success in both sales and dating that is clear, holistic, and actionable.

Find what you are looking for

Whether you are looking for love or looking to make quota - by the time you are done with the book, you will know what you need to do to reach the results you are after, and the steps you need to take to get there.

About the author:

David Masover was not a natural born salesperson. In fact, he completely bombed in his first two sales jobs. But sales was the first job that Masover failed at, and he was unwilling to let selling beat him, so he did what the son of a scientist should do. He studied and he experimented.

Over the course of a few years and a few jobs, Masover created systems and tested ways of executing and organizing his sales work. His results began to improve, and while sales is never easy, using his methodology, selling became systematic. Over time, Masover began managing, training, consulting, blogging and writing based on these tried and true organic methods. The result is a proven sales methodology designed to empower anyone with the will to invest the effort to succeed in sales.

Masover is an Amazon Kindle best selling author of books on sales and sales management and is a co-founder of, the world's largest online seller of promotional products, Masover is currently engaged in private sales coaching, consulting, blogging, speaking and writing.

Black Holes and White Spaces: Reimagining the Future of Work and HR with the CHREATE Project

“Black Holes and White Spaces” describes tools and frameworks that leaders inside and outside the HR profession can use to transform the HR profession and their organizational success. It summarizes the collective wisdom and hard work of over 70 exemplary chief HR officers and other leaders. Their mission: Disruptively accelerate the progress of the HR profession to meet the unprecedented challenges and opportunities of the new world of work. “Black Holes” are things that have been talked about for years in HR, but remain stubbornly unresolved. “White Spaces” are things that get far too little attention from HR, but that must be addressed to have a pivotal impact on the future workplace and the success of HR and organizations.These leaders committed to a three-year collective effort dubbed CHREATE -- The Global Consortium to Reimagine HR, Employment Alternatives, Talent, and the Enterprise. They recruited their colleagues and led volunteer teams that tackled the tough challenges, demonstrated how to address them, and built open-source tools and frameworks for leaders like you to use in your own organization. The project was guided by these common beliefs: open source, voluntary, inclusive, messy, and agile. CHREATE focused on four key pillars of change, that organize this book: 1. Align HR with Value Creation for Organizations that Win; 2. Shape Expectations of HR's Key Constituents; 3. Rewire the Work and Tools of HR; and 4. Enhance the HR Talent Pipeline.In this eBook, you'll find 26 essays from a wide range of CHREATE Project volunteers, people who have contributed their expertise, time, and passion to raising the bar for the HR profession. The essays not only describe the frameworks and tools to disruptively accelerate HR's progress, they often provide links to prototypes, guides and tools. Please join the movement! Use this book as your platform to disruptively accelerate HR and work in your organization.

The Sorites Principle Worksheets: How to harness the power of perseverance

Welcome to the Sorites Worksheets, a set of activities that are designed to help and encourage you to apply the Sorites Principle which in turn will help you to work towards your life goals and start achieving your dreams today.

These worksheets were originally intended to accompany my book The Sorites Principle: How to harness the power of perseverance, but there is no reason why you couldn't try them out by yourself and, as such, I have included a brief explanation of what each one is for.

In case you aren't familiar with the book, in it I make reference to certain 'Perseverance Tools' such as 'Star Charts' and 'Weekly Piece Planners'. But if you're anything like me, you might be a bit reticent about drawing a chart or graph from scratch, especially if it happened to be someone else in your family who got the artistic talents and your hand is a bit wobbly. After all, what's the point of reinventing the wheel if someone else has already done it for you with professionally designed and 'easy-to-download' PDF files?

So what you now have is just that - a handy and convenient set of worksheets for you to use and abuse to your heart's desire.

Happy persevering!

Organize Your Time: 50 Best Strategies to Spend Time with Family, Keep Happy Relationships, Devote to Your Work, and Spend Your Money Wisely (Self Help Personal Transformation Business Skills)

50 Best Strategies to Organize Your Time

If you have ever felt overwhelmed by your daily schedule of found yourself in the constant struggle of harmonizing your work related duties and your personal life, this book is for you.

The most successful people in the world didn't get where they are today simply from understanding the concept of time management; they knew how to use the techniques in order to get the most out of their actions. However, time management is not just a theory; it is a way of life. It is similar to becoming a professional athlete. Limiting your efforts to a single day of the week or focusing only on one set of skills will bring you nowhere. It takes the analyzing and understanding your weaknesses and, through constant adaptation, applying this knowledge to transform them into strengths.


This book is designed to walk you through the process of mastering your time in various aspects of your daily routine. It is based on the multidisciplinary approach that combined the most recent findings and recommendations from psychology, sociology, and personal management, joined in 50 comprehensive strategies. Each method combines clear and concise explanations and practical examples that will allow you to hone your skills.

What you will receive from this book?

?How to organize your day in a stress-free and productive manner

?How to avoid the traps of a busy and hectic schedule

?The art of prioritizing and increasing your efficiency at work and household chores

?The importance and opportunities of personalizing your daily routine

?Maintaining happy and long-lasting relationships

?How to be prudent with your money and reach financial freedom

?And much, much more!

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Kanban: A Quick and Easy Guide to Kickstart Your Project

Learn what's Kanban and how agile development methodology and principles of lean management can help you develop and design faster and cheaper.

If you're in IT, you've probably lived through this: clients demand last minute changes on a tight budget, you don't know what the other developers are doing, your work keeps overlapping, and you wonder how they come up with those unrealistic estimates.

And you've probably heard of a solution called Kanban, maybe even moved a few tasks in columns. That might have seemed too simple and didn't work that great - or you came across a 500-page book which made it sound really complicated.

This a quick read. By the time finish, you'll have a basic understanding of Kanban - and more importantly, how to start using it. We focus on the practical part, write from our own experience, and show you how to avoid some common pitfalls.

Managing projects through people

This 8-hour free course explored the importance of managing people for the success of a project and ways in which to maximise their contribution.

How to be a Productivity Ninja - FREE SAMPLER: Worry Less, Achieve More and Love What You Do

THIS IS A FREE EBOOK SAMPLER. IT INCLUDES THE FIRST 42 PAGES OF THE FULL BOOK. If you would like to purchase Graham Allcott's How to be a Productivity Ninja in full, you can do so with all good ebook retailers.

In the age of information overload, traditional time management techniques simply don't cut it when it comes to overflowing inboxes, ever-expanding to-do lists and endless, pointless meetings. Thankfully there is a better way: The Way of the Productivity Ninja.

Using techniques including Ruthlessness, Mindfulness, Zen-like Calm and Stealth & Camouflage you will get your inbox down to zero, make the most of your attention, beat procrastination and learn to work smarter, not harder.

Written by one of the UK's foremost productivity experts, How to be a Productivity Ninja is a fun, accessible and practical guide to staying cool, calm and collected, getting more done, and learning to love your work again.

If you enjoy this free sampler why not check out the complete book and learn the ways of the Productivity Ninja!

Building Your Digital Marketing Platform

Authors in 2018 are waking up to the fact that they need full control over their electronic rights. This short book will show a new author how to profit from publishing "virtually." This means you will get all the benefits of being a published author without losing the control and profits of conventional publishing methods. No more middlemen distributors getting a slice of your pie. Full marketing and eBook distribution direct to your readers through their mobile devices. This is the distribution and marketing system for the future. Soon, all authors will be publishing virtually.

Parenting:The child Care Book:7 Easy Tips for Preparing Your Child for Success in School Through Play(Child care, say, positive, infant, foundation, parenting, ... (The Ultimate Child Care Book Book

Parenting: The child Care Book :7 Easy Tips for Preparing Your Child for Success in School through Play

This book is part of THE ULTIMATE CHILD CARE BOOK BUNDLE , which contains all 7 books in the series.


"Parenting: The child Care Book 7 Easy Tips for Preparing Your Child for Success in School through Play" considered as "The Ultimate Child Care Book Bundle" Kindle Edition is a book that mothers out there will surely like to have preparing their child. This book aims to provide mothers the information through tips on how to make their child prepared in school in the near future. This is also the book that has to provide an essential way for teaching children the importance of entering school.

It is the book that provides guidance for mother like making communication as a foundation to all things. Communication is an essential tool for the child to enhance and make sure to be developed at early age. While communication serves as one important tool for the child when he or she entered school this book also guides mothers to let their child learns How to make reading a great habit.

Children needs guidance before going to school and this book contains all of the useful tips for mothers to make their child or children prepared for school. This book is perfectly made for mothers as it has tips for mothers to teach their child or children on How to count easily on their fingers. It is not easy to teach children to count through their fingers but this would give a better tips and strategies on how to make it simpler.

The book is divided in to chapters and by topic. Each of the given topic contains important tips to make your mothering life easier and more convenient for you. You may need this book for your child even during the start of schooling. It will depend upon your decision. Remember that learning starts at home and with the guidance of parents for children. To make sure that your child is able to develop and make success in school, make use of this book's tips so you will have no worries when your child enters school in the near future.

Check Out What Others Are Saying...

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the content of this book. First and foremost, the child care steps set out in it are very easy to implement. As a father of 3 kids, I am constantly trying to learn new child care techniques to make my children better people and preparing them for the real world. I do not want to give too much of the book away, but 2 major takeaways are talking to your child and sharing everything with them. These things seem like no brainers when it comes to child care, but Rita explains things in a way that makes you think a little differently. I especially like the part in which she talked about correcting their speech. Don't make them feel stupid, just respond to them in a grammatically correct way, which gets them to hear the proper use of the words. Great child care tip and a necessity in preparing children for school. All in all a great book for easy to implement child care tips.


Don't forget to get the rest of the series under the following book titles in the search bar

BOOK 2.Parenting:The Baby Care book:7 Essential Tips for New Mums A Guide to the First Weeks of Motherhood by Rita Johnson

BOOK 3: Parenting: The Baby Care Book: Caring for Your New-born to Six Month Old by Rita Johnson

BOOK 4.Parenting:The Baby Care Book: Caring for Your Six to Eighteen Month Old by Rita Johnson

BOOK 5.Parenting:The Child Care Book: Caring for Your Toddler By Rita Johnson

BOOK 6.ParentingThe Child Care Book: Caring for Your Pre-schooler by Rita Johnson

BOOK 7. Parenting: The Child Care Book: Caring for Your School Age Child by Rita Johnson




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Be Inspired: Simplify Your Money Making Tactics

Making money online or on the internet doesn't have to be hard. If you learn to SIMPLIFY your techniques and take (one step at a time), you will succeed online or on the internet. I've done all the guess work for you to make things a little more easier. I want to inspire you to be the best you can be and to show you that it is possible to make a living online. Im proof of that and I'm willing to let you in on some ways I make money online and you can do it to if you just take MASSIVE ACTION and get started IMMEDIATELY.

This book will help you and motivate you to take action and getting started asap. Im all about keeping things simple, it doesnt have to be difficult at all.

Make up your mind, get started and lets start making some money online. With all the new hype thats thrown up all over the internet, people lose money everyday. These tactics are straight to the point, no hype, just real life money making ideas.


"I like the enthusiasm and Faith. The guidance is helpful and inspiring. Needs a little bit of refining but I like the writing style." AGmom

"Straight forward how to guide. Gives useful instructions to create income. I Loved the simplicity of it and can't wait to get started" McGeehan

"The book is a guide for everyone who want to start making passive income. I really recommend you buy the book. Thank you very much." Cristina Coach

Ultimate Brainstorming Workbook: Workbook

Preparing for a Brainstorming session has never been easier with the Ultimate Brainstorming Workbook!!!

Ultimate Brainstorming looks at Brainstorming as part of a bigger process, not as being THE process.

We believe that if you want to make Brainstorming work in any organization, you will have to use brainstorming as part of an overall process.

The Ultimate Brainstorming Workbook has been created for those who are looking for a structured approach to prepare their Brainstorming Sessions.

This workbook has been created as a handy support workbook next to Ultimate Brainstorming, but can also be used on a stand-alone basis.

Visit for more information.

We hope you will enjoy using this workbook as an extra support before, during, and after your Brainstorming Session.

Arthur Kaptein.