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Knife Edge: Montgomery and the Battle of the Bulge

The Battle of the Bulge was the last great conflict of World War Two.

An epic confrontation, it almost turned the tide of the war.

It was Hitler's last great gamble.

But the decisive role of Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery and the British-led forces in thwarting the Fuhrer's plans has remained largely hidden from view.

In 'Knife Edge: Montgomery and the Battle of the Bulge', the military historian Robert Oulds tells the real story of that victory.

The bold German surprise attack shocked and nearly overawed the American forces in the path of the Panzer's ferocious assault.

The German Fuhrer had the British commander in his sights. Ultimately the leader of the Third Reich wanted to capture the British-held port of Antwerp and then isolate and destroy Montgomery's 21st Army Group.

But Monty, as the Field Marshall was known, was never going to let that happen.

He planned the allied response to the German attack, took over the command of two American armies, and drove the Nazis back.

The Battle of the Bulge was very much Montgomery's battle.

And the victory when it finally came was his victory.

'Knife-Edge' punctures many of the myths that have grown up around the battle, and looks at the enormous controversy surrounding Montgomery's role at the heart of this great confrontation between Nazi Germany and the allies.

Some historians have sought to almost write him out of the fighting altogether - but now it is time to tell the long overdue story of Montgomery and the Battle of the Bulge.

Drawing on telegrams and personal letters, Oulds brings the role of Monty vividly to life. It is a book that no one interested in World War Two will want to miss.

Robert Oulds is the long-standing Director of the Bruges Group, the respected think tank which for the last 20 years has been at the forefront of the debate about the UK's relationship with the wider world. His grandfather served as a soldier under Montgomery in North Africa, Sicily and at Arnhem during the Second World War. Robert is a Standard Bearer and Treasurer for the Royal British Legion. His books include 'Montgomery and the First War on Terror'.

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The Microwave Torture of Ed Snowden & Julian Assange: Targeted Individuals

Rev1E- Everything we find horrific about the Nazis, has become the Deep State. The orders come from the Rockefellers & Rothschilds to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), then to the Shadow Government and CIA. But don't take my word for it - read the books and work of Dr Peter Dale Scott, Aaron Russo, Attorney Michael Springmann, Dr Steven Greer, Dr Judy Wood, Dr Morgan Reynolds, Dr David Griffin, Dr Barrie Trower, Dr John Hall, Dr Katherine Horton, Dr Ewen Cameron, Paul Hellyer, Ted Gunderson, and many others. This author has been investigating satellite weapons and the global microwave torture of thousands of people, since January 2016. As a proud Government Whistleblower, I urge others to come forward., as I would gladly do it again. This ebook contains some of my latest research into Targeted Individuals. I have referenced a number of credible sources that have videos on youtube including, Dr Barrie Trower, a retired British intelligence agent and microwave expert; Dr John Hall, M.D. In San Antonio; and Dr Katherine Horton, an Oxford scientist. Based on this research, I can state with complete confidence that Ed Snowden and Julian Assange are microwave targets of this illegal program. I urge them to come forward in support of Targeted Individuals, just like William Binney and Kirk Weibe have done. This is happening to thousands of people all over the world. Their family members are targets of the subliminal messaging program, which is intended to isolate them emotionally and psychologically. These microwave beams are painful and cause permanent damage. It is nothing less than torture, and it is banned under international treaties. It is a serious violation of Constitutional rights, it is defined as a war crime by international treaties, and when conducted against White House cabinets members and top government officials, it is nothing less than TREASON. See my related ebook, "34 Patents on Subliminal Mind Control."

I strongly encourage Ed Snowden and Julian Assange to come forward with their experience as Targeted Individuals and microwave torture.

These satellite frequencies are also being used in a subliminal messaging program against Targeted Individuals and their family members, in an attempt to control their behavior. The CIA is using these same frequencies and subliminal messaging to alter the behavior of top government officials, such as Senators, Congressmen, and even the President and his cabinet. This is TREASON. The microwave and RF technology to alter behavior has been well-documented. I have previously documented the frequencies as follows: Tracking and geolocation: approx. 3600 MHz to 3750 Mhz, and the carrier frequency for the subliminal messaging and harm signals has been measured at 3921 MHz - 3934 MHz. The subliminal messaging is repeated thousands of times each night on the target, until the negative messages "stick." These messages can be simple - "Your husband is crazy," or "You hate him. Avoid him." Recall that CIA Doctor Ewen Cameron bragged about using these subliminal techniques to turn an ordinary person into a vicious serial killer - the real Manchurian Candidate, as part of the CIA's MK-Ultra program. Mike Pompeo, current CIA Director is fully aware of these programs. This is obvious from the reorganization of the CIA's field agents, into remote monitoring of targets, which were exposed with the Vault 7 wikileaks files.

We have learned that the AIr Force Space Command in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is operating the satellites that Target Individuals. Peterson Air Force Base and Schriever Air Force Base comprise the largest satellite operations center in the world, with 175 satellites. See "Treason at the Air Force Space Command."

The best defense is a repeated statement, "I will only react to constructive suggestions."

"The CIA and FBI are behind most, if not all terrorism." - Ted Gunderson, former FBI Chief