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City D.J.

Oscar was a very boring teen until he discovered the art of being a D.J. He started out small with his friends at school, then worked his way up to the Palladium in London. Along the way, he has a family and tragedy, but overcomes in the end, to, 'be somebody'.

Ajay Devgn: Mr. Consistent Of Bollywood

With a career spanning 3 decades, Ajay Devgn has come a long way in Bollywood. He is still going great guns, and there are all chances that we are yet to see the very best of him on screen. He has only refined himself with age, and from the days of Phool Aur Kaante and Dilwale to the very recent Baadshaho and Golmaal Again, he has convincingly played an eclectic range of characters.

Consistency has been his hallmark, both in terms of acting as well as the box office performance of his movies. An ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, Ajay also did a movie called Shivaay last year, which did reasonably well despite being caught in the demonetization wave. He definitely knows how to choose good roles and films, and who can forget his spectacular role-play in the suspense-filled movie, Drishyam?

Fabulous True Stories Volume Four

VOLUME 4 contains three delightful stories, and is part of a four volume set containing twelve stories. The fifth volume or Combined Volume contains all twelve stories and saves a little money. All twelve stores are true events in the life of the author. They're fabulous stories with family values and lessons learned for life that your family will enjoy and remember for years to come.

STORY 1: "Dad For Christmas" is about a boy who goes through his entire life without the benefit of a father in the home. His Grand-father makes him the same promise every Christmas season about his dad coming to see him. The holiday seasons come and go and the promise remains year after year, unfulfilled.

The kind of decision is beyond any boy's control. This story is about choices as seen through the eyes of a growing child. Each decision affects the lives of every member of the family not only for the immediate time, but even in the lives of children yet unborn. This is a story of a father's promise to his family, a promise that he was unable to attain as a young boy.

STORY 2: "Afternoon Movie" is about a time when going to an in-door theatre was a real treat for the whole family. Two young brothers embark on an afternoon adventure at the movie theatre with their cowboy hero. They would see two full length movies along with a cartoon and a news reel. Their hero was Roy Rogers and Dale Evans with Trigger (the horse) and Bullet (the dog.) Roy had the fastest draw of any man alive, and "bad guys" always wore black hats. It was a very different time before cell phones, cassette players, and computers. The biggest attraction for the whole family in that day was a black-and-white movie and a .color cartoon.

STORY 3: "Is It Free" is about a father and his sons with all the free stuff they'd find in their travels around town. How does a father convey a message to his children that some things aren't free even thought the item seem to be abandoned.

How does it feel to get caught "red-handed" taking something that isn't yours? This father has a flash back to a time when he stole a golf ball on a golf course. He tries to let his sons know that some things may appear to be free, but they really aren't. It's an awkward situation trying to tell his sons a story without revealing that he too was caught stealing when he was their age.

Becoming the Performer Disney is Looking For

*For previous readers of the 2013 original edition, this 2018 edition is very different from the original.*

Being a 22-year-old struck down with a nasty case of world-weary malaise is a formidable picture. In 2011, Jordan was sitting in his parent's living room in northern Australia enduring the heat and trying to avoid permanently sticking to the couch. Let go from his job and university growing more skull crushingly boring by the day, life was looking increasingly futile for an actor hopeful on the make.

In a case of happenstance, Jordan saw a Walt Disney World ad promising pixie dust and beloved audiences at the Happiest Place on Earth. Success followed, and Jordan relocated to Orlando for a year as a fresh recruit. 'Becoming the Performer Disney is Looking For' is an insider's guide for actors wanting the inside scoop about the Disney experience. Told with untempered wonder, this short book takes the reader backstage and shares glimpses of auditions on repeat and the achy and passionate reality of a performer.

"We don't play all day and not every day is a magical dream come true. We work hard and long hours and I have injuries years later that were caused from this first gig. However, anything that you love that is constructive and gives your life value is worth the price you pay to keep it."