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600 Paintings (Collection) for Kids

Have you ever wanted to enrich your child with the arts and humanities?


Have your ever wanted to decorate your child's room with great paintings from one of your favorite painters?

Well, you can start with twenty-four paintings each from these prominent painters.

Andy Warhol

Claude Monet

Diego Rivera

Edgar Degas

Edvard Munch

Edward Hopper

Frida Kahlo

Gustav Klimt

Henri Matisse

Henri Rousseau


Jackson Pollock

Johannes Vermeer

John Singer Sargent

Leonardo da Vinci

Marc Chagall

Mary Cassatt

Pablo Picasso

Paul Cezanne

Paul Gauguin

Paul Klee

Pierre-Auguste Renoir


Salvador Dali

Vincent van Gogh

Everything You Should Know About Inventors

National Learning Association presents: INVENTORS

Are your children curious about Inventors? Would they like to know what qualifies something as an invention? Have they learnt how long the first airplane flew for or what Mary Anderson invented? Inside this book, your children will begin a journey that will satisfy their curiosity by answering questions like these and many more!

EVERYTHING YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT: INVENTORS will allow your child to learn more about the wonderful world in which we live, with a fun and engaging approach that will light a fire in their imagination.

We're raising our children in an era where attention spans are continuously decreasing. National Learning Association provides a fun, and interactive way of keep your children engaged and looking forward to learn, with beautiful pictures, coupled with the amazing, fun facts.

Get your kids learning today! Pick up your copy of National Learning Association EVERYTHING YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT: INVENTORS book now!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1- What Qualifies Something as an Invention?

Chapter 2- What were the First Words Ever Spoken on the Telephone?

Chapter 3- What Corporation Did Thomas Edison Found?

Chapter 4- Where was Henry Ford Born?

Chapter 5- What Did Johannes Gutenberg Invent?

Chapter 6- What Di Eli Whitney Call His Invention?

Chapter 7- What Flying Machine Did Leonardo Da Vinci Inspire?

Chapter 8- How Long Did the First Airplane Fly For?

Chapter 9- Where was Nikola Tesla Born?

Chapter 10- What was Les Paul's First Invention?

Chapter 11- What Did John Logie Baird Invent?

Chapter 12- Who Inspired Louis Braille to Invent the Braille System?

Chapter 13- What was the First Ever X-Ray Of?

Chapter 14- What Did Tim Berners-Lee Invent?

Chapter 15- What Famous Inventor Did Lewis Howard Latimer Work For?

Chapter 16- What was Nicolas Appert's Original Profession?

Chapter 17- How Big was the First Microwave?

Chapter 18- What Did Mary Anderson Invent?

Chapter 19- Apart from Inventing what Else is Benjamin Franklin Famous For?

Chapter 20- Where was Laszlo Biro Born?

Astor&Nadia (English version): The meeting between Nadia Boulanger and Astor Piazzolla

Ficton drama about the meeting between Nadia Boulanger and Astor Piazzola that changed both the history of tango and the life of the musician. The famous author of "Adiosn Nonin0," "Libertango" and "Oblivion" abandoned the tango and the bandoneon to learn and compose classical music. The meeting with the famous french music teacher Nadia Boulanger helped Piazzola to retrieve his musical roots and to revolutionize the argentine tango with new techniques. Without Boulanger, Piazzolla would have never existed as such."